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XenSummit has been a tremendous success this year. Thank you to all the speakers for contributing and to all the attendees for making XenSummit an interactive and fun conference with lots of discussions. You can find presentations on slideshare and videos on vimeo. We will also embedded both in the agenda. The slides are also available for download as zip file.

Scaling Xen within Rackspace Cloud Servers

Rackspace has years of experience with running Xen at scale, starting with Xen and migrating to XenServer. We will share why we use Xen/XenServer along with some of the issues that we've experienced. We will touch on our experience with migrating from Xen to XenServer and the challenges there. We will share information about Rackspace Cloud Servers architecture, and touch briefly on OpenStack when doing so. We will explain how we use Xen to quickly deploy new Openstack services with what we call Nova on Nova. And finally, we will discuss what additional features and improvements are needed and why.

Chris Behrens, Team Lead Cloud Servers Development, Rackspace Hosting

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