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XenSummit has been a tremendous success this year. Thank you to all the speakers for contributing and to all the attendees for making XenSummit an interactive and fun conference with lots of discussions. You can find presentations on slideshare and videos on vimeo. We will also embedded both in the agenda. The slides are also available for download as zip file.

(Free and Net)BSD on Xen Roadmap

As time goes on more OSes are getting Dom0 support, so there's a growing need to provide a platform independent set of tools from which to operate Xen. This talk will expose the different mechanisms used on NetBSD that diverge from the Linux approach, and how Xen is improving its userspace tools to provide a more platform independent support.

The talk also touches upon various features that BSD provides or plans to provide with Xen, thus presenting a coherent roadmap view of where we've come from, and what lies ahead.

What's in this talk:

  • Xen and BSD
  • Status updates from the world of BSD
  • Ecosystem/userbase

Cherry G. Mathew, Freelance

Cherry G. Mathew is a BSD hacker. His contributions to the Xen BSD ecosystem are the NetBSD balloon driver and multiprocessor support for NetBSD domU. He is currently working on FreeBSD dom0 support, under sponsorship of Spectralogic corporation.

Roger Pau Monné, Citrix

Roger Pau Monné is a Software Engineer and BSD enthusiast. He has contributed to porting libxl to NetBSD and is working closely with NetBSD on Xen under the Citrix umbrella.

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