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XenSummit has been a tremendous success this year. Thank you to all the speakers for contributing and to all the attendees for making XenSummit an interactive and fun conference with lots of discussions. You can find presentations on slideshare and videos on vimeo. We will also embedded both in the agenda. The slides are also available for download as zip file.

Linux based Stub-domain

As the current stubdomain based on minios is difficult to maintain, we have worked on a stubdomain based on Linux. This helps to use QEMU upsteam in the stubdom with little change.

So first I will present how a Linux based stubdomain is built and lauched, and the difficulties around it. Then, to see if this is a viable option, I will show disk and network benchmarks to compare it with a traditional QEMU in dom0 configuration.

To finish, I will present the current limitations of this type of stubdomains.

Anthony PERARD

Anthony PERARD is a Software Development Engineer at Citrix since 2 year. His main task was to upstream the Xen's fork of QEMU.

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