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Xen Summit January 2006

The following are presentations from the 2006 Winter Xen Summit

Xen Summit Winter 06 Overview XenSource
Xen/ia64 Session Dan Magenheimer, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Virtualizing InfiniBand in Xen Jiuxing Liu, IBM
Bulent Abali, IBM
Wei Huang, The Ohio State University
DK Panda, The Ohio State University
Blink: 3D Display Multiplexing for Virtualized Applications Jacob Gorm Hansen, University of Copenhagen
InfiniBand Device Virtualization in Xen Dror Goldenberg, Mellanox
Xen/IOMMU - Breaking IO in New and Interesting Ways Muli Ben-Yehuda, IBM
Jon D. Mason, IBM
Orran Krieger, IBM
Jimi Xenidis, IBM
Xenoprof Overview & Networking Performance Analysis J. Renato Santos, HP Labs
G. (John) Janakiraman, HP Labs
Yoshio Turner, HP Labs
Aravind Menon, HP Labs
AMD's virtualization technology SVM Elsie Wahlig, AMD
Using the Xen Hypervisor to Turbocharge OS Deployment Mike D. Day, IBM
Ryan Harper, IBM
Anthony Liguori, IBM
Andrew Theurer, IBM
Michael Hohnbaum, IBM
Xen on PowerPC Hollis Blanchard, IBM Linux Technology Center
Jimi Xenidis, IBM Research
Xen Management Interfaces using DMTF CIM Technology Mike D. Day, IBM
Managing Xen - DMTF Standards and CIM Provider Work Clyde Griffin, Novell
Xen Performance Monitoring Rob Gardner, HP Labs
Lucy Cherkasova, HP Labs
Diwaker Gupta, UCSD
Intel's Xen Security Update Joseph Chihula, Intel Corp.
HVM - Hardware Virtual Machine Abstraction Layer Leendert van Doorn, IBM
Security for the Xen Hypervisor - Status Quo & Perspective 2006 Reiner Sailer, IBM
Xen/ia64 Next Steps Discussion Kevin Tian, Fred Yang, Intel