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Thank you to Citrix and Amazon Web Services for sponsoring the event, to the speakers and attendees for making XenSummit a success!

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Presentations and Videos

This is a list of the XenSummit talks with presentations and videos. Note that not all presentations and videos may be available immediately. Please check the blog or check this page for more information.

You can download a ZIP file containing presentations here.

You can find the original event agenda here.


Mark Templeton, President and CEO, Citrix

Download original (recommended)

Keynote: Xen Community Update

Ian Pratt, Founder and Chairman of and SVP of Products at Bromium

Download original
Main Keynote: The Art of Using Xen At Scale

Pradeep Vincent, Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services

Download original
Xen Hypervisor project update

Keir Fraser, Project Lead Xen Hypervisor project,

Download original
Update on Linux PV-OPS

Konrad Wilk, Xen/Linux Kernel Engineer and Maintainer, Oracle

Download original
The Future of the Xen Cloud Platform

Mike McClurg, Project Lead, Xen Cloud Platform project, Citrix

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Disaggregated Xen

Patrick Colp, PH.D Student, University of British Columbia

Please note that this presentation or it's video cannot be published at this stage

Seamless scale-out storage for Xen and OpenStack

AB Periasamy, CTO, Gluster

Download original
Tackling the Management Challenges of Server Consolidation on Multi-core Systems

Hui Lv, Performance Engineer, Intel System Optimization Technology Center, Intel Corporation

Download original
Redesigning Xen Memory Sharing Mechanism

Jose Renato Santos, Principal Research Scientist, HP Labs
Kaushik Kumar Ram, Ph.D Student, Rice University

Download original
Tailoring NAS Storage Proxies for VMs

Caitlin Bestler, Senior Director of Architecture, Nexenta System

Download original
Xen ARM project update

Sang-bum Suh, Vice President, S/W Platform Lab, Samsung and Project Lead Xen ARM Project

Download original
Introduction to OpenStack

Ewan Mellor, Director of Development, Citrix and Member of the OpenStack Project Policy Board

Download original
Xen in the Cloud

Marco Sinhoreli, Private Cloud Project Leader,

Download original
Evaluation and enhancement to memory sharing and swapping in Xen 4.1

Xiaowei Yang, Architect of Virtualization Platform, HUAWEI

Download original
Linpicker: A Simplified, Secure Display Server for Xen

Eamon Walsh, National Information Assurance Research Laboratory, NSA

Waiting for presentation

Linux as an HVM guest: enable PV interfaces and receive interrupts as Xen events

Stefano Stabellini, Xen Hypervisor Maintainer and Senior Software Engineer, Citrix

Download original
Minimizing I/O latency in Xen ARM

Chuck Yoo, Professor Korea University and Director, Embedded Software Institute, Korea
Seehwan Yoo, PhD student at Korea University

Download original
Kexec/kdump implementation in Linux Kernel and Xen hypervisor - comparison and current developments

Daniel Kiper, Google Summer of Code student and PhD student, Warsaw University of Technology

Download original
Hardware-assisted Virtualization in Embedded Environments

Tanveer Alam, Platform Architect for Embedded Virtualization, Intel Corporation

Download original
Xen RAS status and progress

Donald D Dugger, Senior Software Engineer, Opensource Technology Center, Intel Corporation

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