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Xen Summit LogoXen Summit North America 2010

The following are presentations from the Xen Summit North America 2010, April 28-29.

Xen Summit Agenda - Xen Summit Abstracts - Xen Summit Speakers

Zip File of All Presentations: Here

Welcome & Keynote
  • Ian Pratt: Xen Community Update - Slides - Video
  • Keir Fraser: Xen Hypervisor Project Update - Video
  • Tom Woller: AMD, Xen, and Virtualization - Slides - Video
Energy Savings
  • Yuvraj Agarwal: SleepServer System - Video
  • Lei Ye: Energy-Efficient Storage in VM - Slides - Video
  • Jun Nakajima: Moving Backend Drivers from Dom0 to HVM Domain - Slides - Video
Xen Cloud Platform
  • Jonathan Ludlum: Xen Cloud Platform Update - Video
  • Marco Sinhoreli: Case Study: Iaas using XCP and XAPI - Slides - Video
  • Hirokazu Takahasi: VastSky - Cluster Storage System for XCP - Slides - Video
  • Sheng Liang: Building an Infrastructure as a Service Cloud on XCP - Slides - Video
  • Pradeep Padala: XRM: Event-based Resource Management Framework for XCP - Slides - Video
Project Updates
  • Shalini Yajnik: Supporting Soft-Real Time Tasks - Slides - Video
  • Edwin Verplanke/Don Banks: Embedded and Communication Workloads - Slides - Video
Misc 2
  • Qing Zhang: Neon: System Support for Derived Data Management - Video
  • George Dunlap: Xenalyze: Analyze Xen Traces - Slides - Video
  • Mitch Williams: Evolving New Configuration Tools for IOV Network Devices - Slides - Video
  • Stefano Stabellini: Libxenlight - Slides - Video
  • Closing Presentation with Ian Pratt - Video




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