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Xen Directions LogoXen Directions Europe 2009

The following are presentations from the Xen Directions Europe 2009, June 27 at LinuxTAG.

Xen Directions Agenda in German - Xen Directions Agenda in English - Xen Directions Speakers

Presentations are listed by the order in which they were presented. ZIP File of all Slides

Welcome & Keynote
  • Jerg Theurer: HP ProLiant Virtual Platforms powered by Citrix XenServer - Slides
  • Dirk Hohndel - Virtualization It's not just for servers anymore
University of Madrid
  • Constantino Vazquez - Virtual Infrastructure Management with OpenNebula Slides - Video (220 MB)
  • Christian Rothe - Virtualization of mission-critical deployments with Xen: Oracle users choose Oracle VM Slides
Citrix Systems
Lufthansa Systems
  • Bjorn Brundert - Highly available virtual infrastrutures based on Xen Slides - Video (0 MB)
  • Chris Schlaeger - The challenges of guest migration Slides - Video (0 MB)
Citrix Systems
  • Stephen Spector - HXEN: Hosted Xen Hypervisor Project Slides