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Xen ARM®

The Xen hypervisor for the ARM architecture

Xen ARM for mobile devices
(or Xen ARM PV)

The Xen ARM Project, maintain an ARM variant of the Xen Hypervisor in a codeline that is separate from the upstream Xen Hypervisor project. The Xen ARM Project is led by Samsung, and delivers and maintains Xen support for a range of ARM processors (ARM v5 - v7) for mobile devices, using Xen Paravirtualization (PV). The project is also working on problems such as solving real-time guarantees in a virtualized environment and multi-processor support. The project is led by Sang-bum Suh from Samsung and can be monitored on the Xen ARM Wiki or the project mailing list.

Related Projects

Xen for ARM based Servers
(or Xen ARM PVH)

With the introduction of virtualization extensions on ARM processors, the Xen community has taken steps to add ARM support for ARM CPUs to the Xen Hypervisor. This port is executed as part of of the Hypervisor project, with no separate codebase. You can find information related to this work on the wiki.

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