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We are moving the site to a the new community site. To make the migration easier on us, we have closed this form.

However, the new community site has a feature called the Xen Project Ecosystem Pages, that allow you to add entries in a self-service fashion.

If you are a community member or company that supplies a product/service/open source project that uses Xen or interfaces with Xen or one of its projects or you provide consulting around the Xen Project, you can add yourself to the new eco-system pages. The same is true if you want to point the project's community to a relevant research paper.

  • Create a user account on
  • Log in
  • Create a listing using this link
  • Make sure you chose the right category and appopriate tags
  • Once submitted, your entry will be approved by a moderator and then go live

You can edit entries later yourself by going to the logging into the site, finding your listing and clicking the edit button. However changes will have to be approved by a moderator.