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Xen Cloud Platform 0.5 Download

Welcome to the XCP 0.5 download page!

XCP 0.5 is an update to XCP 0.1.1, which contains the following improvements

  • Upgrade to Xen 3.4.2
  • Extensibly tested (including 100,000s of CPU-hours)
  • Compatabilty with DMTF CIM and OVF standards (Citrix Project Kensho).
  • Heterogeneous machine resource pool support
  • Templates for many different guest types (including latest Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Improved SR-IOV Support

Additionaly, the release contains the following features:

  • Linux 2.6.27 Kernel
  • Windows PV Drivers, Microsoft Certified
  • Fully Featured, enterprise-class Xen API Management Tool Stack
    • Disaster recovery support
    • VM Lifecycle: Live snapshots, checkpoint, migration
    • Multi-host resource Pools: Safe live relocation, auto configuration, DR
    • Host Configuration: Flexible storage management, networking, power management
    • Event Tracking: Progress, notification
    • Secure Communication using SSL
    • Upgrade and Patching Capabilities
    • Real-time Performance Monitoring and Alerting
  • Support for Open vSwitch
  • Support for VNC Console Proxy and Web Front-End
  • Support for Standalone Front-End


Binary Distribution

Base ISO Host Installation Program download md5
DDK ISO Development Kit which is a virtual machine with all the kernel headers and development tools needed to recompile the XAPI toolstack, Xen hypervisor, Dom0 kernel, drivers, etc. download md5


Source Distribution

Below are the sources of the above binary components, packaged into ISO format.
For information on source repositories see here.

Base Xen-Kernel Xen/Dom0 Kernel download md5
ISO DDK DDK Source RPMs download md5


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