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The Xen 3.0.4 guest RPMs are pre-built RPM packages for particular enterprise linux distributions. Unlike the standard 3.0.4 host RPMS, these do not include Xen itself or the tools, but instead just include a kernel which can be used within a guest ("domU").

For SUSE Enterprise Linux 9, Update 3 (SLES 9.3), we have provided a guest kernel based on the regular SLES 9.3 2.6.5 kernel, but patched to enable it to run as a Xen guest. You should install this within a guest partition. We also provide the source RPM (SRPM) in case you wish to examine the code or rebuild the package.

Please report problems on xen-devel mailing list and/or the bugzilla. Please avoid duplicate reports. Community products are not supported, and we will address bugs on a best effort basis only.

Download: Xen 3.0
for SLES 9.3

SUSE Enterprise Linux 9.3
Please review the instructions on the right for installation guidance.


We also provide TLS-friendly glibc RPMs and SRPMs for SUSE Enterprise Linux 9.3 here.