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Upcoming Events


Xen Hackathon, Dublin, May 16 & 17

I am pleased to announce the next Xen Hackathon. The Hackathon will be hosted by the Ganeti team at Google and takes place on May 16-17, 2013 at Google's offices in Dublin Ireland.

Xen Hackathon Logo

More information ...

Xen Events: Save the dates!

We are still establishing the Xen event calendar for 2013. We are also looking for a vendor who would like to host a XenSummit in the US in May or June, 2013. Please contact community.manager at, if you would like to host a XenSummit.

However, the following dates and locations have been agreed already. More information to follow in due course:

  • XenSummit EU, Edinburgh, UK: October 24 & 25

Recent Presentations

XenSummit North America

XenSummit has been a tremendous success this year. Thank you to all the speakers for contributing and to all the attendees for making XenSummit an interactive and fun conference with lots of discussions. You can find presentations on slideshare and videos on vimeo. We will also embedded both in the agenda. The slides are also available for download as zip file.

Xen at OSCON 2012

Check out the presentations and videos from our Xen and XCP tutorial with presentations from George Dunlap, Josh West, Patrick F. Wilbur and Steven Maresca.

XCP Update

Mike McClurg, the XCP project gives an update on the Xen Cloud Platform project

DebConf 2012

Ian Campbell, Ian Jackson and Thomas Goirand talked about Xen, XCP and related topics at DebConf this year. Check out the following videos: Xen and Debian: Past, Present & Future, Incompatibility and pain - a perspective from Xen upstream and Cloud Computing on Debian.

Travel Stipends for Presenters

If you have something to say about Xen – as a developer or user – and would like to submit Xen talks, but cannot afford the travel, please contact community.manager at before you submit a talk proposal. We can usually find a company in the Xen eco-system that will sponsor talks given by community members.

Xen at Open Source Events

Linaro Connect Asia : March 4 ‐ 8, Hong Kong will have a presence at LCA 13. Quite a few members of the Xen community will be there: Stefano Stabellini, Ian Campbell and me. There will be a number of talks:

FOSDEM '13, February 2 & 3, Brussels, Belgium

Check out our FOSDEM Event Report.

Also check out George Dunlap's presentation on Securing your cloud with Xen's advanced security features

Selected XenSummit Presentations

More presentations can be found on the Presentation Page

We are always looking for volunteers and companies helping sponsor or run local Xen events. If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting an event please contact please contact your Community Manager


Past Events


Xen Summits

XenSummit events are technical developer focused community gatherings to discuss the latest technology updates, roadmap, and new features. These events are now held twice a year in the US and Asia.

November 2011 : Seoul
(Hosted by Samsung and Korea University,
sponsored by kt and GitHub)
August 2011 : North America
(Hosted by Citrix,
sponsored by Amazon Web Services & Citrix)
April 2010 : North America (Hosted by AMD)
November 2009 : Asia (Hosted by Intel and Citrix China)
February 2009 : North America (Hosted by Oracle)
November 2008 : Tokyo (Hosted by Fujitsu)
June 2008 : Boston (Hosted by Citrix)
November 2007
April 2007 : NY (Hosted by IBM)
September 2006 : San Jose (Hosted by Intel)
January 2006

Xen Day Boston 2011, Dec 9 excited to host Xen Day 2011 in Boston. Xen Day is co-located with USENIX LISA '11. The Xen Day activities will be broken up into a series of units, which will include hands-on tutorials, interactive sessions, and training on topics ranging from Xen and XCP to cloud computing and the future of Xen. More information


Xen Hackathons are developer events to work on project ideas, code, demos and designs. These events are community organized, but supported by

March 2012: Santa Clara, CA, USA hosted by Oracle  
September 2011: Munich, Germany hosted by Fujitsu  
March 2011: Cambridge, UK hosted by Citrix - also see blog posts
Xen Hack-a-tron Logo  
Download the hack-a-tron wallpaper.

Xen Directions

Xen Directions events are technical marketing, outward facing events for the community. These events are held globally throughout the year. We are currently reviewing, whether we will continue to hold Xen Direction events.

August 2010 : South America (at LinuxCon Brazil)
June 2009 : Europe (at LinuxTAG)