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Xen Consulting People

  • Fabrizio Frosali (Italy Cloud Builders) We design, deploy and manage your private cloud.

  • Keith Herron (backdrift) - professional open source systems engineer and computer hobbyist from the greater Boston area with expertise in the following disciplines: Xen Virtulization, Linux Systems Administration, Amazon Cloud Services, Security Hardening, High Availability, Performance Optimization, Data Storage and Data Backup

  • Luke Crawford owns a small Xen VPS hosting company that also provides consulting services.

  • Lorscheider Santiago (Central Cloud) - Fortaleza - CE - BRAZIL - Professional specializing in XenServer, XCP and implementation of public and private clouds with cloudstack.

  • Matthew Keller - Through Cognusion, a consultant specializing in strategic, Open Source technologies. Available for global assignments.

  • Nomen Nescio - Utrecht, Netherlands based open source consultancy offering consulting and hosting for Xen based projects

  • Michael Judd - works with small consulting firm utilising and providing services in the United Kingdom.

  • Patrick F. Wilbur - Through his own consulting effort, a consultant specializing in virtualization, cloud computing, open source technologies, and systems architecture

  • Reuven Cohen - Independent internet and open source consultant.

  • Sam Bashton - Manchester, UK based open source consultant with much Xen experience

  • Terry Churchill - Developer with extensive experience of large commercial Xen platform deployments and systems integration

  • Tim Post (Echoreply) provides the following services at very reasonable prices: custom applications to manage, monitor or provision Xen guests; custom modifications to most parts of the Xen source code and Xen consulting / training.

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