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Presentations and Videos

You can find Xen presentations and videos on our Slideshare and Vimeo channels. However, we will highlight recent and interesting presentations and videos on this page:

Selected Xen Presentations and Videos

Scale11x: Virtualization with Xen and XCP

Mirage: extreme specialisation of virtual appliances

Infrastructure-as-a-Service compute clouds provide a flexible hardware platform on which customers host applications as a set of appliances, e.g., web servers or databases. Each appliance is a VM image containing an OS kernel and userspace processes, within which applications access resources via traditional APIs such as POSIX. However, the flexibility provided by the hypervisor comes at a cost: the addition of another layer in the already complex software stack which impacts runtime performance, and increases the size of the trusted computing base. (See more ...)

Xen @ Google

Google uses virtualization for internal corporate infrastructure. As part of this, Google have developed a number of tools, some open source, for managing the Xen deployment. The presentation will describe the technical infrastructure used, the internal workflows and machine management processes, and the specific use-cases for virtualization.

Check out the video!

From Datacenter to the Cloud - Featuring Xen and XCP

Check out the videos:

Windsor: Domain 0 Disaggregation for XenServer and XCP

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Under the Hood: Open vSwitch & OpenFlow in XCP & XenServer

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Xen and CloudStack

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Amazon: The Art of Using Xen At Scale

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Engaging the Xen Community

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OpenStack, Xen and XCP

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Xen PV Performance Status and Optimization Opportunities

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