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IRC maintains ##xen and #xen-api on ##xen is for general queries about Xen, both developer and user questions whereas #xen-api is the IRC channel for the XCP project. Our most active developers also use an by invite-only IRC channel. If you contribute enough on one of the Xen developer mailing list, you will be invited to join. If you think you should be invitedsend a mail to your community manager.

If you don't have an IRC client you can access the IRC via the web using the FreeNode web interface.

More on IRC

What is IRC ?

IRC, abbreviated for Internet Relay Chat, provides a platform for open chatting & is chiefly designed for group communication. It consists of networks which themselves contains channels which refers to the place for group discussion relevant to the topics for the discussion.

Why should I join IRC?

IRC allows you to have real time chat with individuals proficient in various fields around the globe & helps you in discussion of your problem.

What are the ways to join IRC?

There are various ways to join IRC--

  • Installing an IRC application
  • Using your web browser

You can access IRC in a number of ways

Here are some of the them ...